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Free Azureus Installer is a free software that serch for you the setup of the famous software azureus and then allows you to launch the setup within a simple click.

Publisher description

Free Azureus Installer is a free software that allows you launch the setup of the famous software azureus which allows to: Multiple torrent downloads,Upload and download speed limiting, both globally and per torrent, Advanced seeding rules,Adjustable disk cache, Only uses one port for all the torrents, UPnP sets the forward on your router, Can use a proxy, for both tracker and peer communications, Fast resume, Can set a default download dir and move completed files, Can import torrents automatically from a set dir, Highly customizable interface, IRC plugin included for quick help,Embedded tracker, host your own torrents, automate your shares (periodic scanning of a dir)..., Distributed Hash Table: host on it a completely decentralised torrent and/or benefit from it when the tracker is offline. This software is not in some way connected to the software azureus but it is a tool that semplifies the findig and the installation of this one.

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